Double Wefted : for a thicker and more full install- just look at the ends! Full from top to bottom. Also, MINIMAL SHEDDING, whats not to love?


Longevity and grade: This hair is considered "10A" hair, but basically all you need to know is that this hair is 100% virgin hair that will last you 6 months- 1 year (or more) depending on how you maintain it (very low maintanence hair).


Can it be dyed? Of course! This hair can be bleached and/or dyed. We do not recommend bleaching this dark hair to a 613 blonde unless you are a professional. If you attemp to do so, expect shedding/breakage. But as you can see in photos made by Kallen Kouture, beautiful blonde looks can be created successfully!





Double Wefted Brazilian Bodywave Bundles


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